IMG_3982The Need
It’s unfathomable that of Africa’s nearly 128 million school-aged children, 17 million will never attend school. Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that another 37 million African children will learn so little while in they are in school that they will not be much better off than those kids who never attend school. As a consequence, the prognosis for Africa’s future economic growth and social development is poor.   -Justin van Fleet, Chief of Staff to the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, 2012

Poverty and broken homes are 2 main factors for poor education in Africa. Government schools are often not free, yet are poorly staffed, poorly funded and often out of control with violence. Many private, faith-based schools operate throughout Africa, but still many children cannot attend because of lack of funds. Orphans, of course, are even less likely to be able to attend school.

The Opportunity
The World Shine Ministry Primary School in southwest Uganda is a Christian school dedicated to educating the whole child. Complete education is our goal, investing in children until the age of 19, when they go to University. The World Shine Foundation School and Orphanage in Rwentobo, Western Region, Uganda, is dedicated to raising a generation of believers with a solid foundation in the Word of God. Students begin in Baby Class hearing the stories of the Bible, memorizing scripture, and learning the tenets of the Christian Faith. By the time they graduate from P7, the young adults have a solid value system from which to make godly decisions. Throughout their time with us, the students are given many opportunities to respond to the invitation of the Holy Spirit through personal counseling, chapels, missions, etc.
Although higher education in Africa is very affordable according to Western standards, it is impossible for many bright students in developing nations to attend. Through our discipleship activities in Uganda, we have identified many Christian young adults to sponsor.

The Strategy

  • Sponsor impoverished children to attend the WSM Primary School.
  • Sponsor orphans and very distant students to live in the dormitory / orphanage.
  • Improve and expand the facilities of the school.
  • Improve the curriculum for Christian formation.
  • Sponsor young adults to attend university.


  • Prayer for the teachers and students of the WSM Primary School.
  • Sponsors to fund more primary level students.
  • Funding for more improvement projects at the school.
  • Sponsors to fund more university level students.


Would you consider becoming a partner to support a child’s education?
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