World Shine USA is funded through donations from people like you. If you …

… have a heart for missions and for spreading the Gospel
… have a heart for the poor and disadvantaged children of Africa
… have a heart to see followers of Jesus Christ raised up through discipleship
… have a heart for university age young adults to be raised up as Godly men and women
… have a heart for the students of the University of Memphis

… then please consider donating to this ministry. We are dedicated to these things.

There are 4 specific areas into which you can sow:

  1. World Shine USA. These funds keep us returning to Uganda to disciple, bring much needed skill sets, promote transparency and accountability in finances, and encourage our African brothers and sisters.
  2. World Shine Ministries Uganda – General use. These funds are used for administration and ministry activities.  Without a healthy administration, we cannot have a healthy ministry.
  3. Sponsorships – You can fund impoverished children to attend our primary school in southwest Uganda, university students to attend university, or post-university students to attend our Emerging Leaders Institute.
  4. Projects – anything from books / supplies for the school to building projects such as a library or classroom block … from laptops in our office or computer lab to a ministry van for missions …  whatever is on your heart to give is probably needed.

Your donations are tax deductible because World Shine USA is a 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID 47-2790161  Phone contact: 901.647.6323). Would you consider becoming a partner?

You have 2 options for giving:

1. Paypal: .  Donate Button
      (Clicking Donate will take you to a donation page where you can donate with a major credit card or your checking account)

2. Mail a check to:
World Shine USA
P.O. Box 38444
Germantown, TN  38183