World Shine USA is privileged to work alongside World Shine Ministries (WSM) Uganda for our efforts in Africa.  We have done direct ministry with WSM and we have worked to help improve their ministry efforts-efficiency, transparency, focus, and communication.   God has truly blessed the work of our collective hands. The support of our generous donors has helped us accomplished this list:
  1. Bought a school bus for our World Shine Foundation Primary School (WSFPS).
  2. We launched the Emerging Leaders Institute to raise up young men and women in the knowledge of the Word.
  3. We are mentoring young leaders to launch into the ministry of the workplace, as well as full time ministry.
  4. Our University House of Prayer (UHOP) led 1 mission of university students to Uganda during the summer.  They conducted a co-ed discipleship retreat with around 60 college-aged young adults, several evangelism events to spread the Gospel in southern Uganda, worked with the children of WSFPS, and did several improvement projects at WSFPS.
  5. WSUSA led 2 adult mission trips to Uganda from Memphis, conduction 2 discipleship retreats for young men, 2 discipleship retreats for young women, and several improvement projects at WSFPS.
  6. We conducted the annual WSM staff retreat in Uganda.
  7. Conducted or participated in many missions to preach the Gospel throughout Uganda in schools, churches, the cities, and rural communities. Hundreds chose to follow Jesus!
  8. We handed out local language Bibles in the Rwentobo area.
  9. We outfitted 50 beds in the boarding section of the school with mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows, and mosquito nets.
  10. We donated many goats to the goat herd at the school.
  11. We contracted for teacher training.
  12. We started a second Vadieshkol youth fellowship in Rwentobo.
  13. UHOP started a third Vadieshkol youth fellowship in Memphis
  14. At the school we installed new bathrooms and latrines, installed a water collection system on one of the classroom blocks, installed lightening arresters and gutters on the assembly hall, and built a student hand washing station next to the kitchen.
  15. We have worked with WSM to stabilize the funding of the ministry administration. All bills and salaries have been paid each month.
  16. Our partners gave the rest of the textbooks needed at the school, installed a playground for the nursery section of the school, built a library for the school, dug a well in the upper town of Rwentobo, and began the construction of a clinic for the school and the town.

An African Adventure

The account of my sojourn in Uganda might well be entitled “An African Adventure for the (Far) Less Adventurous“!  I have so enjoyed experiencing the faces and places of Uganda from afar through the eyes of Steve as he has worked and ministered, traveling there over the last four years. This year, in October, those images became reality as I made my first trip to Africa.

We traveled with good friends from Memphis Matt and Suzanne Wukasch and Chuck Walker, and MR DSC_0371joined Oleg Maksimchuk and Oleg Nikolaenko from Word of Life Church in Philadelphia to tour dsc0376and fellowship with the staff, friends and supporters of World Shine in Kampala and Rwentobo, as well as fellow believers in Jinja.  Everywhere we were greeted with hearty welcomes (“What took you so long?!”), warmth and genuine hospitality.  What a delight to actually see and touch dear friends I’ve known only through pictures or occasional Skype calls, and to visit Medad and Connie’s home and meet their family. I was struck by the beauty of the people, inside and out, and by their honest, practical faith in the face of great difficulty.

IMG_1525Visiting the school in Rwentobo was a long-anticipated highlight of thedsc0488 trip and a delight. Those faces! “Babies” to adolescents, some bold and affectionate, grabbing my hands and rubbing them, others shy and reticent, peering from a distance, all curious, all beautiful–they captured my heart. The faculty and staff are beautiful as well, hardworking, dedicated, and working wonders with limited resources…powered by the love of Christ.  Another highlight for me was visiting and worshiping with the young men and women of World Shine’s Vadieshkol fellowship. Wow! To know them is to love them. dsc0240

I returned home with images and experiences tucked away to treasure–a new connection to the ministry as Steve makes his frequent returns to continue the work. You might want to pray and consider tagging along with him on one of those future trips (even if you, like I, weren’t born with a heart yearning for adventure!). It was a joy!



Hallelujah. Thanks to a special donor in Memphis, the World Shine Foundation Primary School Bus has arrived in Uganda and will soon be taking at-risk schoolgirls to and from school each day. Currently, these girls walk up to 2 hours each way to school on back roads and highways.  This 29 seat bus can handle about half of our targeted area, transporting each day 58 girls. We are also hopeful of securing a second vehicle to go with the one that has arrived to increase our coverage. These wonderful gifts offer these girls protection and you can help protect these girls.  The annual cost of operating the buses is not small. Fuel, drivers, and general maintenance is estimated at more than $20,000 per year.  Please help keep these buses running.


 IMG_9227 IMG_9229

Northeast Mission

Last month 4 flights, 6 states, and 600 driving miles took me to the Virginia / Pennsylvania area to meet with several supporters of World Shine Ministries (WSM).  What a privilege it was to see them, hear their hearts for the ministry, discuss ways to help, and tell stories of wonderful times in Uganda.  Many thanks to the In the Garden Missions team who drove 2 hours to meet with us! Many thanks also to Ron and Mary Buch of Breakout Ministries who hosted me, hosted our meeting, and gave me their pulpit to tell the story of World Shine. The congregation sent me off with gifts to take to the staff of the World Shine Foundation Primary School.  Thank you Breakout!

I also had the privilege to speak Sunday night at the Word of Life Church in Philadelphia and thank them for their sponsorship of 29 students and for building a new library for the school. I am excited to take 2 of their members to Uganda next month to help finish the construction of the library.

World Shine Ministries is blessed to have some pretty great supporters.

Tugende Mission 2016

In October of 2015, Joel Jassu, our director of the University House of Prayer, began assembling 2 teams to do missions work in Uganda: 1 team of Westerners and 1 team of Africans. From the start, the 2 teams worked together to hear from God and plan the mission. Ultimately, we assembled a group of 14 Westerners (11 from Memphis, 1 from Baton Rouge, 1 from Seattle, and 1 from Italy) and 18 Africans (13 Ugandans and 5 South Sudanese) to become the Tugende Team.  The teams came together in Kampala, Uganda, on July 22 to begin the 17-day mission that would take the Tugende Team from the west of southern Uganda to the east of southern Uganda.

In the West, the Team worked with the 600+ children at the World Shine Foundation Primary School in Rwentobo and did service projects.  With class sizes of 55-60, these teachers are real troopers, working very hard each day to impart knowledge and instill Christian values.  In order to celebrate the staff at the school, we had an opportunity to bless them with a surprise appreciation dinner and some much-needed encouragement.  

From the school as a base, we sent out teams to do evangelistic missions in neighboring schools, churches and homes in the area to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many young people came to the Lord, with many testimonies of healing and great encouragement. 

In the East, the Team went to Kachumbala, to the eastern office of World Shine Ministries (WSM). Working with the local WSM staff, we held several youth missions in prisons, high schools, K-12 schools, and hospitals, and also held several open air crusades to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During this portion of the mission, the team was joined by several other college students from across the country making a total of about 62 people who saw over 630 people come to the Lord in 2 days. Hallelujah!

For the final days of the mission, the Team settled in Kampala and held a retreat for 50-60 young adults to dig into the Word and study how to make disciples. We had lectures, discussions, prayer, worship, study time, and fellowship. Leaders had an opportunity to work with emerging leaders to model and train. All were taught, encouraged and released to make disciples for Jesus Christ across the world.

The motto of World Shine is Reach, Raise, Release: Reach through evangelism, Raise through discipleship, and Release to influence the nations for Christ. This mission touched each of the 3 “R’s”.  Hallelujah.

Thank you for going with us and doing this work with us through your support and your prayers.

By the way,  “Tugende” means “We Go” in the Luganda language.

 IMG_1077 IMG_1101 IMG_1146 2 IMG_1482 IMG_1525 IMG_1559 IMG_1603 IMG_1609 IMG_1629 IMG_1687 IMG_1694 IMG_1734 IMG_2125 IMG_2155

Uganda Mission May, 2016-Discipleship


Making disciples of Jesus Christ – raising up godly men and women to lead Uganda and influence the nations for Christ – is a cornerstone of World Shine Ministries.

is what we do. Every activity is planned with the goal of raising up the next generation of godly men and women to release into ministry in whatever vocation they choose.  During this trip we led 2 separate, concurrent retreats – one for 11 young men and another for 14 young ladies … 3 days / 2 nights.  Our focus was discipleship, working on a deeper level as we explored how to walk more closely with Jesus and process the issues of our world.  We talked about such things as identity, validation, temptation, sex & purity…  And, we had sweet times of prayer, worship, discussion, and … play.
We have been working with the guys for 4 years and the amount of growth and fruit we see is phenomenal.  I am so proud of these guys.  I am so glad that Jan Winterburn and Diane Clowers came along and led the retreat for the young ladies.  Afterwards, when asked about the weekend, one of the young ladies said, “how do I describe the best weekend of my life?”  For some, this was the first time they have ever had a girls retreat to discuss such topics.
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Uganda Mission May, 2016-WSFPS


Steady progress is being made on the improvement of the school facilities, the staff, and the quality of education for these children.  Although the school was on break, many of the students came to the convention giving us ample opportunity to visit, play with, and encourage them.  It is always a highlight to visit with the kids and the staff.

The World Shine Foundation Primary School is our orphanage center that was created to support the needy children in the area and to raise Godly men and women to lead Uganda and influence the nations for Christ. We are very grateful for all of you who give to raise up these young ones.  Through you, we can give them education, medical care, clothing, goats, chickens, etc. You also support us to raise these children based on Christian values to influence this world with the Gospel of the Lord.

We are glad to report that the playing field for the nursery section, donated by the Tonbridge Baptist Church in England, has been completed.  The children LOVE this playground and are now constructively active every chance they get.

The school chaplain sends his regards to everyone that has been able to donate to help these children. May the almighty God bless you abundantly.

Playground2 Playground1 Conv DSC_0899 Books IMG_7428 IMG_7439

Uganda Mission May, 2016-HNIC


HNIC 2016
World Shine Ministry’s annual convention (Healing of the Nations International Convention) was May 11-15. This year the convention was held at our school in Rwentobo, Ntungamo, Uganda and the turn out was beyond all imagination. At peak times in the evenings there were close to 10,000 people.  There were speakers from various parts of the world all speaking on the theme, ARISE and SHINE from Isaiah 60:1.  Hundreds responded during the nightly crusades, making a commitment to Jesus Christ.
Besides the preaching to the masses on the school grounds, there were numerous forums and crusades throughout the region where the Gospel was brought out.  There was ample opportunity for one-on-one discipleship to augment the teaching during the main sessions.
  Conv DSC_0090Conv IMG_5599Conv IMG_5704Conv DSC_0075Conv DSC_0750Conv DSC_0848Conv DSC_0899