World Shine USA is privileged to work alongside World Shine Ministries (WSM) Uganda for our efforts in Africa.  We have done direct ministry with WSM and we have worked to help improve their ministry efforts-efficiency, transparency, focus, and communication.   God has truly blessed the work of our collective hands. The support of our generous donors has helped us accomplished this list:
  1. Bought a school bus for our World Shine Foundation Primary School (WSFPS).
  2. We launched the Emerging Leaders Institute to raise up young men and women in the knowledge of the Word.
  3. We are mentoring young leaders to launch into the ministry of the workplace, as well as full time ministry.
  4. Our University House of Prayer (UHOP) led 1 mission of university students to Uganda during the summer.  They conducted a co-ed discipleship retreat with around 60 college-aged young adults, several evangelism events to spread the Gospel in southern Uganda, worked with the children of WSFPS, and did several improvement projects at WSFPS.
  5. WSUSA led 2 adult mission trips to Uganda from Memphis, conduction 2 discipleship retreats for young men, 2 discipleship retreats for young women, and several improvement projects at WSFPS.
  6. We conducted the annual WSM staff retreat in Uganda.
  7. Conducted or participated in many missions to preach the Gospel throughout Uganda in schools, churches, the cities, and rural communities. Hundreds chose to follow Jesus!
  8. We handed out local language Bibles in the Rwentobo area.
  9. We outfitted 50 beds in the boarding section of the school with mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows, and mosquito nets.
  10. We donated many goats to the goat herd at the school.
  11. We contracted for teacher training.
  12. We started a second Vadieshkol youth fellowship in Rwentobo.
  13. UHOP started a third Vadieshkol youth fellowship in Memphis
  14. At the school we installed new bathrooms and latrines, installed a water collection system on one of the classroom blocks, installed lightening arresters and gutters on the assembly hall, and built a student hand washing station next to the kitchen.
  15. We have worked with WSM to stabilize the funding of the ministry administration. All bills and salaries have been paid each month.
  16. Our partners gave the rest of the textbooks needed at the school, installed a playground for the nursery section of the school, built a library for the school, dug a well in the upper town of Rwentobo, and began the construction of a clinic for the school and the town.