Tugende Mission 2016

In October of 2015, Joel Jassu, our director of the University House of Prayer, began assembling 2 teams to do missions work in Uganda: 1 team of Westerners and 1 team of Africans. From the start, the 2 teams worked together to hear from God and plan the mission. Ultimately, we assembled a group of 14 Westerners (11 from Memphis, 1 from Baton Rouge, 1 from Seattle, and 1 from Italy) and 18 Africans (13 Ugandans and 5 South Sudanese) to become the Tugende Team.  The teams came together in Kampala, Uganda, on July 22 to begin the 17-day mission that would take the Tugende Team from the west of southern Uganda to the east of southern Uganda.

In the West, the Team worked with the 600+ children at the World Shine Foundation Primary School in Rwentobo and did service projects.  With class sizes of 55-60, these teachers are real troopers, working very hard each day to impart knowledge and instill Christian values.  In order to celebrate the staff at the school, we had an opportunity to bless them with a surprise appreciation dinner and some much-needed encouragement.  

From the school as a base, we sent out teams to do evangelistic missions in neighboring schools, churches and homes in the area to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many young people came to the Lord, with many testimonies of healing and great encouragement. 

In the East, the Team went to Kachumbala, to the eastern office of World Shine Ministries (WSM). Working with the local WSM staff, we held several youth missions in prisons, high schools, K-12 schools, and hospitals, and also held several open air crusades to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During this portion of the mission, the team was joined by several other college students from across the country making a total of about 62 people who saw over 630 people come to the Lord in 2 days. Hallelujah!

For the final days of the mission, the Team settled in Kampala and held a retreat for 50-60 young adults to dig into the Word and study how to make disciples. We had lectures, discussions, prayer, worship, study time, and fellowship. Leaders had an opportunity to work with emerging leaders to model and train. All were taught, encouraged and released to make disciples for Jesus Christ across the world.

The motto of World Shine is Reach, Raise, Release: Reach through evangelism, Raise through discipleship, and Release to influence the nations for Christ. This mission touched each of the 3 “R’s”.  Hallelujah.

Thank you for going with us and doing this work with us through your support and your prayers.

By the way,  “Tugende” means “We Go” in the Luganda language.

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