The trustees of World Shine USA have been giving a great deal of thought to the name of the ministry.  As a ministry that is committed to seeking out indigenous Christian ministries to help them advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their ministry, Indigenous Advance Ministries is a name that better communicates our mission.

 Our initial entry into Africa in 2012 was through a wonderful Ugandan ministry called World Shine Ministries. In the beginning, we thought the name World Shine USA would be a good complement to World Shine Uganda. Over the last several years, our support of other indigenous Ugandan ministries has increased … we serve a large God who has expanded our vision. Plus, having such a similar name as World Shine Uganda has been confusing in Uganda, the U.S. and abroad. We are pleased, as Indigenous Advance Ministries, to continue our partnership with World Shine Ministries Uganda, as well as other Christian ministries in Uganda.

 We are excited about this new name which we feel better communicates our mission. Please join us as we advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Indigenous Advance Ministries.